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CLIQZ is the first and only text messaging service that has no cost for creators and offers direct, algorithm-free reach to their fans around the world.

It's Free

Creators shouldn’t have to worry about getting a monthly bill for all the text messages they’re sending to nurture their audience. CLIQZ is completely free to creators who are willing to help the platform grow.

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It's Global

Most influencers have followers all around the world. Text messaging platforms shouldn’t be restricted to just the U.S. and Canada. With CLIQZ, creators can connect directly with ALL of their followers worldwide.

It Makes You Money

For creators, finding brands to align with and striking great deals with them can take a lot of work. With CLIQZ, brand deals come directly to the creator thanks to Triller, the leader in innovative brand activations in partnership with top creators.

CLIQZ - Make Influencers Money
CLIQZ - The Damelio Show
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