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Brenda Barbosa

Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Brenda Barbosa

Triller is spotlighting its Hispanic employees and how they celebrate their heritage.

Tell us a little bit about your background and the work you do at Triller
My name is Brenda Barbosa and I am the Director of Special Projects for the Broadcast and Planning division at Triller. I am from Southern California. I am Mexican-American with Spanish descent and I am first generation American. Huge shoutout to all the people from Los Altos de Jalisco because that’s where my parents were born and where I spent my summers growing up.

Who is your favorite Latin music/artist?
My favorite Latin music is salsa because it’s electrifying, I feel it in my soul and it brings me so much joy. It’s romantic, passionate, and exciting, which is why my favorite artist is Marc Anthony.

What kind of influence does your heritage have on the work that you do/your career?
My heritage and culture play a big part in my career and work because I grew up surrounded by Latin women who are strong, family-oriented go-getters and passionate about life. That has given me the courage and strength to not let being a Latina, or first-generation American, stop me from achieving my dreams. There’s nothing more satisfying than being self-made. Work and life balance is important to me personally and my family keeps me strong, and that keeps me going.

How do you celebrate your culture?
I celebrate my culture every day. There’s nothing more exciting than being a Latina — we’re delicate, yet strong, fun, sassy, lionhearted, and stubborn at times (OK, all the time). If it’s not eating mole or street tacos, you can find me indulging in churros — I lovvvvvve churros! Tequila mezcal? Yes, please! And mom’s cooking? I’m always going for seconds.

What is one thing you want the world to know, acknowledge, or understand about the Hispanic community?
We’re very family-oriented and food is our love language. We take pride in our work, our music is infectious, and we lead by our principles. And lastly … you should never mess with our mom!

What advice would you give to young Hispanic/LatinX individuals?
Embrace your culture and be authentic in your being. Don’t let the influence of the world make you feel like you need to hide your heritage or feel ashamed of it. Be proud, but don’t spend time proving it. There’s nothing more beautiful than a person who is quietly confident in who they are. Remember what your parents have sacrificed to give you a better life. You are your parents’ legacy.

How can we authentically celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?
The most authentic way we can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month is by cooking abuelita’s recipes, wearing colorful and lively clothing, and sharing stories of your childhood — the moments that made you happy and the white lies you told your parents to get out of trouble. Laughing, dancing, and celebrating life! Cheers with tequila.


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