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Omar Rodriguez

Hispanic Heritage Month Employee Spotlight: Omar Rodriguez

Triller is spotlighting its Hispanic employees and how they celebrate their heritage.

Tell us a little bit about your background and the work you do at Triller
My name is Jesus Omar Rodriguez and I am from Orange County, CA. I am the son of Mexican-American immigrants from Jalisco, Mexico. My Mexican roots stem from the Mexican State of Jalisco, which is best known for its tequila, mariachi, rich history, and traditions. My father is from a pueblo called Jalostotitlan, Jalisco and my mother is from a pueblo called Tamazula, Jalisco.

I have a B.A from the University of California, Irvine in Communications and Political Science and I’m currently working to obtain my Masters in Business Marketing and Economics. At Triller, I have had the privilege to work as the Operations and Logistics Manager for Triller Fight Club where I work on securing event venues, managing day-to-day event operations and logistics, create fight week schedules and bout sheets. As of August 2022, I am working as the Operations and Logistics Manager for Verzuz Broadcast and Events Division.

Who is your favorite Latin music/artist?
I love Latin music so it’s really hard to have a favorite. If I have to choose a favorite type of Latin music, I’m going with reggaeton and ranchera. It all depends on the mood. On the other hand, my favorite Latin artist, I would have to go with Vicente Fernandez.

What kind of influence does your heritage have on the work that you do/your career?
Since music and sports play a big part of my culture, I believe it has influenced me to want to work in sports and entertainment and help make events that bring people from different cultures, communities, and backgrounds together.

How do you celebrate your culture?
I celebrate my culture every day through the traditional food that I eat and make (my body figure says it all). I really love eating my mom’s enchiladas and sopitos, gorditas de queso, tacos de pastor, and tortas ahogadas. I can keep going but it will probably make you hungry.

In addition, I celebrate my culture by always remembering where I came from, not hiding or being embarrassed to speak in my native language of Spanish, and most importantly by continuing to practice all my culture’s traditions throughout the year. Like attending a family member’s quinceanera, watching a Canelo Alvarez fight during Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Independence weekend, or celebrating the Christmas holiday by attending a Posada.

What is one thing you want the world to know, acknowledge, or understand about the Hispanic community?
As Latinos, we face many barriers every day that start from home and continue to the workplace. Despite our daily struggles, some of which include economic and language barriers and gender and racial discrimination, we wake up every day ready to hustle, work hard, and overcome any barriers keeping us from being happy and successful.

What advice would you give to young Hispanic/LatinX individuals?
Always remember where you come from and the sacrifices your parents made to give you a better life, give you hope, and give you the opportunity to achieve your own dreams. Don’t hide your language or your true identity. Being different and unique is much better than being like everyone else. No matter the obstacles against you, NEVER GIVE UP and always believe you will achieve this. Most importantly, BE THE NEXT YOU.


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