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FITE’s Michael Weber Appears on ‘The Business of the Business’ Podcast

This week, FITE Chief Operating Officer Michael Weber appeared as a guest on “The Business of the Business” podcast, which focuses on the business side of professional wrestling.

Weber and hosts Lavie Margolin and John Poz talked about the history of FITE, wrestling popularity on the platform, and how the FITE product has evolved.

You can listen to the episode below or click here.

Listen to “Episode 119 – Mike Weber, COO of FITE” on Spreaker.

Weber brings over 40 years of live event and television marketing experience to FITE. Prior to FITE, he worked on the marketing, distribution and production of over 250 live Pay-Per-View television events, primarily in the professional wrestling, boxing and motorsports industries. 

Before joining FITE in 2015, Weber was the vice president of marketing for TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Impact Wrestling. Previously, he has worked as a live event/television marketing executive for Clear Channel Motorsports (now Feld Motorsports), World Championship Wrestling (Turner Broadcasting), Trump Sports and Entertainment, and World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). 


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