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Pillow Fight Championship is the preeminent next generation combat sport delivering one-of-a-kind content 24/7 to a hyper-engaged young audience.

The First Family Friendly Extreme Combat Sport

Pillow Fight Championship is the only family friendly extreme combat sport, delivering the thrill of hand-to-hand combat without any blood.

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The World's Most Viral Combat Sport

Pillow Fight Championship has amassed more than 2 billion views with highlight clips that regularly go viral. PFC has been featured on ESPN, SportsCenter, Barstool Sports, ABC, CNN, CBS, and more.

Engaged Audience, Meet Brands

Pillow Fight Championship has a highly engaged audience comprised of over 90% Gen-Z and millennials. Almost 70% of PFC’s audience welcome advertisers in non-traditional sports, which makes PFC the perfect place for brand integrations.

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