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Verzuz Easter Special

Triller’s Easter Verzuz Engages More Than 3 Million Users

Easter Verzuz trended #1 on Twitter and included a surprise appearance by Stevie Wonder

The April 17 Verzuz battle between Mary Mary and BeBe & CeeCee Winans was one of the highest engaged audiences in Triller history.

More than three million people tuned in on Easter Sunday on the Triller app,,, and across Instagram, Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch to witness R&B stars Mary Mary and BeeBee & CeeCee Winans create Verzuz history.

“Verzuz is both a cultural and digital phenomenon. The Verzuz effect is a perfect example of how Triller’s platform-centric focus creates new horizons for creators and fans. We are over the moon with how the Triller platform continues to prove a new model for consumer interactions and engagement across the Internet,” said Mahi de Silva, Triller’s Chief Executive Officer. “Live performances that can draw Internet-scale digital engagement in the millions of users across multiple platforms show artists and brands a brand new model for engagement and monetization. This is the next generation of the creator economy.”

Triller’s “open-garden” approach enables creators and brands to draw more eyeballs and much broader opportunities for monetization. This model creates greater awareness, engagement, agency, and, most importantly, more options for creators, content, and commerce. Triller’s technology enables content to be amplified across the Web.

“The old model has effectively been built on creators’ back, Triller’s tech breaks down the walled garden platforms and creates a truly open garden, and the numbers continue to prove it,” de Silva continued. “Triller drove an unprecedented number of consumer interactions, which is how Triller looks at KPIs. It shows the actual monetizable events and numbers unlike the archaic MAU, DAU metrics used by the walled garden prison systems.”

Just like after the Verzuz with Earth, Wind, and Fire, where there was renewed engagement with the legendary band, Triller expects to see Mary Mary’s “Shackles” atop the Triller Billboard Chart this week.

Mary Mary and BeeBee & CeeCee Winans were joined by special guest Stevie Wonder, who made a surprise appearance at the Easter Verzuz at the Vibiana in Los Angeles. Stevie Wonder said, “What a perfect way to celebrate this Resurrection Day. It was wonderful just to hear the music and celebration of the most high.” Stevie Wonder also noted that this Verzuz was “incredible” and he considers the Verzuz between Mary Mary and BeBe & CeCe “a tie.”

This special Easter Verzuz is available for replay on and FITE.


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