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Perks of Transferring Your TikTok to Triller

  • Account Verification
  • Featured content across all Triller-owned socials
  • Access to major global brand deals and record label partners
  • Press and collaboration opportunities with Triller’s celebrity network of Creators and artists
  • PGC and UGC show opportunities with Triller Studios
  • Dedicated Triller Creator Concierge
  • First access to Triller events and VIP creator experiences
  • First access to new Triller merchandise drops
  • Early access to Triller app updates for beta testing and feedback
  • Star in challenge kick-off videos and be at the forefront of viral content trends

What Triller Creators Are Saying

Triller to me is more than a social media app. It’s a family and a safe place for creators such as myself.
Bella Blaq
Triller has empowered me as a creator to a level no other platform has, recognizing the creator position as fundamental to the platform and making us aware of our importance.
Lani Kirkland
Triller is the only app I’ve worked with that has created an initiative for Black creators that is truly future-changing.
Noelle Bellinghausen

More Followers. More Views. More Control.

Triller offers a unique blend of services that allow creators to get discovered, monetize their content, and connect directly with their fans that you can’t find anywhere else.

Creator Independence

 Triller gives creators the power to turn social engagement into deeper connections and drive monetization. 

Get Discovered

Reach every single one of your fans and grow at a faster rate than on any other social media platform, accessing brand deals sooner in your career.

Own Your Data

Triller allows Creators to build a stronger relationship with their fans by giving them ownership of 100% of their fan data. 

Get #TrillerFamous

Ready to get noticed on Triller? Submit your music to the app and let our users create their next viral video to your song.

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The Creator Platform

The Triller Creator Platform is a revolutionary, creator-first platform that is powered by A.I. and machine-learning technology.

It’s designed to give creators the power to turn social engagement into deeper connections and drive monetization. Creators can also get brand deals earlier in their growth than previously possible.

How to Transfer Your Social Content

Hurry Up! Secure your Triller handle and let us help you transfer your TikTok content seamlessly. 

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Assembly for Black Creators

The Assembly for Black Creators

Triller’s Assembly for Black Creators serves the Black Creator community by providing education, monetization and community,  and share unique opportunities to partner with some of the world’s leading companies and organizations.

Creators Making Waves on Triller

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